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"It was amazing because I didn’t see Fernando there, I just know that in the moment he tried to get the ball cleared and lost it. Then when Ashley kicked the ball away I was already looking where to send people to organize, and I saw Xavi holding his head, and in that moment I said, why is he doing that? And then I looked further, and I saw Fernando running alone completely against the keeper and I’m thinking, wow, that’s why!"

"I realized that it was just me against Valdes, and I felt that it was the longest pitch ever- I never could reach the goal. And when I saw Victor coming against me, just keep the ball long and score, it was a relief."

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In football, all you need is a ball and a patch of dirt.

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Rio Ferdinand deliberately trips up Fernando Torres (10/3/2013)

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Happy birthday to Arsenal goalkeepers. Szczesny who is 24 today and Fabianski who is 29 today.

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Lewy post match interview [x]

140415 DFB-Pokal Semifinal (BVB vs VfL)

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Xavi Hernandez, ambassador of social work it ”la caixa”. 

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